Friday, August 10, 2007

Hillary and Barack at YearlyKos Breakouts

Hillary arrived after Daou, Wolfson and a third member of her campaign (Judd someone) came in and were seated before us. Then she arrived, received a standing ovation, was introduced by Peter Daou and spoke for at least 10 minutes. When question time arrived, Peter called on bloggers that he knew for all the questions. There were few questions, three or four, because Hillary answered each question lengthily, demonstrating how much she knows about the issue at hand. Then Peter told us Hillary had to get ready for the candidate forum and they all filed out.

Why was it necessary for Hillary to bring three staff? She said it was in case "she has a senior moment," but I think it was for protection. She didn't need to fear, Peter knew the questioners -- they were all bloggers he called by name.

I contrast Hillary's breakout with Barack's. He arrived alone, we sang Happy Birthday to him, he spoke briefly, then started pointing to questioners. He was able to answer more questions, was briefer and much less formal. Then he plunged into the audience and shook hands.

As an aside, in my first post I referred interested folks to Ari Berman's article in the June 7 issue of The Nation. Berman lays out how many lobbyists are associated with the Clinton campaign. When I saw Howard Wolfson at the breakout and later on TV, I recalled Berman's comments about him, how he is part-owner of a lobbyist firm and is on leave of absence to work for Hillary. Why doesn't someone in the MSM or in one of the campaigns look at the association Hillary maintains with lobbyists? Surely the public would find these associations interesting and perhaps therein lies a better explanation of why she takes money from lobbyists.